Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tie Dye Swirls

Featured Colors:
  • China Glaze_Grape Pop
  • China Glaze_Towel Boy Toy
  • China Glaze_Kiwi Cool-Ada
  • Zoya_Paz
  • Zoya_Ali
  • Zoya_Pippa
  • Special Stamping Polish_Black
  • The tie-dye look is achieved by using a sponge brush and cutting off a piece of sponge for each color to be used. 
  • Dab the sponge in polish and pick a random spot to dab on each nail. 
  • Repeat multiple times to build up the intensity of the colors.
  • Top off the tie-dye with a konad design (I used plate m65).


  1. THIS IS SOOOO BEAUITFUL! I really, really love this. I must try this myself sometime. Truly stunning! Nice work!

  2. wow, this sponging is amazing! I wanted to ask how you did it but you wrote an great how-to

    awesome :D

  3. OMG, this is BEAUTIFUL! I'll have to try this, but probably will fail. Really beautiful!!:)

  4. sooo cool! gotta try something like that one day! i just started following you great blog :) feel free to check out mine aswell :) :

  5. Wow! amazing :) maybe I try... :)